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The FEMTO ST Institute is a joint research unit associated with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

It is one of the largest national research units in the engineering, information and communication science disciplines. The research activities at FEMTO-ST are characterized by a broad spectrum ranging from fundamental studies to more applied prototype developments. This research is aimed at various application sectors such as energy and transport, health, telecommunications, space, instrumentation and metrology, watchmaking and the luxury goods industry.

UMR 6174 of CNRS, FEMTO-ST now brings together about 750 people. Research is conducted with the help of PhD students who thus receive high-level training through research. They work in the fields of engineering sciences and information sciences organized into 7 departments: automation and micromechanical systems, energy and multiphysics systems engineering, applied mechanics, micro-nano sciences and systems, optics, time-frequency, computer systems.

This organization is completed by multidisciplinary research conducted within cross-disciplinary projects that call on the skills of researchers from different departments. 

MIMENTO of FEMTO-ST is one of the 6 national technology centers that combines fundamental research in nanotechnology, micro-manufacturing in white room and pilot workshop to develop innovative technologies.

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CNRS joint research unit, UTINAM (Universe, Transport, Interfaces, Nano-structures, Atmosphere and Environment, Molecules) brings together 130 astrophysicists, physicists and chemists who carry out research (experimental, theoretical and numerical simulation work) whose field extends from the galaxy to the molecule.

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RIGHT - UMR 1098 - Host-graft-tumor interactions & Cell and Genetic Engineering

This research unit is interested in the immunological relationships between a patient and its graft or tumor. A better understanding of these interactions allows the development of new treatments based on cell and genetic therapy approaches to modulate the immune system in order to prevent it from rejecting a graft or on the contrary make it more efficient at eliminating a tumor.

The excellence of its research in the field of innovative biotherapy makes it one of the players of the CARNOT - OPALE Institute, specialized in partnership research for the fight against leukemia.


Led by the "Community of Universities and Institutions University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté" (UBFC), the I-SITE BFC project aims to create a stimulating international environment that attracts talented students and researchers from all over the world and simultaneously provides the population of Burgundy-Franche-Comté with access to knowledge, cultures & international exchanges, initial & continuing education, providing employment opportunities in a competitive market.

Here are the three guidelines of the project: 

  • Intensify the excellence & internationalization of RESEARCH in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
  • Offer a more attractive initial and continuing TRAINING program
  • Assist the COMPANIES towards more high-tech competences

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