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With expertise in medicine, biology, mechanics, materials physics and digital technologies, the TTechnopole TEMIS brings together the knowledge, skills and scientific disciplines needed to develop the medical devices and biotherapy industry.

At TEMIS, cutting-edge entrepreneurs are developing their activity in implants, prostheses, catheters, stents, neurological valves, instrumentation, laboratory equipment, imaging, diagnostic kits, etc. so many devices developed in close collaboration with the University Hospital Center, its Research Department and its Clinical Investigation Center for Biotherapy and Technological Innovations (CIC).


At TEMIS, the partnership research conducted with the FEMTO-ST (UMR, CNRS) on micro and nanosystems for biotechnology, with the RIGHT Institute of Cell and Tissue Bioengineering (UMR - Inserm), offers important technology transfer opportunities to companies.

To promote the development of the sector and bring together doctors and engineers, the Higher Institute of Engineers of Franche-Comté (ISIFC) is one of the few schools in France to train 150 engineers per year in the triple culture of microtechnology, medicine and regulations.

Manufacturing center for innovative therapeutic drugs

The Bourgogne Franche-Comté French Blood Establishment (EFS) associated with INSERM and the University of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté provides its expertise in hematology for research and innovation in transplantation, transfusion and innovative biotherapy.

As a member of the E-CELL France network, the EFS is committed to the development of the regenerative, personalized and precision medicine of the future, particularly in the field of immunotherapy to fight cancer and inflammatory diseases.

The RIGHT Institute (UMR 1098) is working on the development of new therapeutic approaches based on the immune system modulation.

Since 2016, the Besançon EFS is one of the 5 national centers to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices for the biomanufacturing of drugs for innovative therapies. It is recognized as a national biology and health infrastructure.

Bio innovation : center for the development of new health products

BIO INNOVATION will be a center for the development of new medical devices and new biotherapy. Located in the heart of TEMIS Santé in the Hauts du Chazal neighborhood, this center will offer over 4 000 m² of services, resources and expertise to promote the maturation, transfer and economic development of health research results.

This project strengthens the technological engineering and translational research cluster already operating in the region.

Open to companies, project leaders and academic teams, it offers a global offer to conduct innovative projects in health with platforms for molecular and cell biology, 3D printing, presentation spaces, conferences, laboratories, offices and services dedicated to innovative therapy drugs and medical devices.

All in direct contact with higher education institutions (UFR Medicine-Pharmacy, ISI FC), the clinical investigation center, the University Hospital Center, its Cancer and Biology Cluster (PC BIO) and its tumor bank.
Following the example of the House of Microtechnology, BIO INNOVATION will be a true melting pot of innovation where researchers, practitioners and industrialists will find services and means for the development of tomorrow's devices and medicines.

Start date : January 2021

Consult the Bio Innovation brochure : French / English

The microtechnology Cluster drives innovation dedicated to healthcare

This dynamic of innovation in Medical Devices is enhanced by the Microtechnology Competitiveness Cluster making the medical sector one of its priority markets. 25% of the labeled projects cover the following themes. Projects cover the optimized treatment of tumors by ultrasound, embedded microsystems for infection diagnosis, intelligent transfusion systems, new implantable valves and innovative methods for treating diabetes.



Engineers trained per year


4 000 m²

Bio Innovation Program