Aeronautics - Defense - Aerospace

AEROµTECH : regional cluster

At TEMIS, a pool of companies is developing its know-how for the aeronautics, defense and aerospace industries. These companies can rely on a research center of excellence essential to these sectors with stringent requirements.

Several companies in the technopole supply the largest international principals: Thales, Turboméca, Dassault, Safran, Boeing, Airbus and the DGA (Directorate General for Armaments).

Strategic Resources for Aeronautics and Aerospace Research

Time-frequency, optics, surface treatment or even mechanics are all fields that find their applications in the aeronautics and aerospace sectors, and for which the laboratories installed on TEMIS have a widely recognized expertise.

Time-frequency Specialty

  • Holder of the world record for the measurement of time 10-14 seconds, the Time-Frequency Laboratory (LNE-LTFB) at FEMTO-ST participates in the development of national and international time and frequency scales.
  • The UTINAM  Institute (UMR CNRS) studies astronomy and chronometry with the Besançon Observatory.


The Optics Departement of the FEMTO-ST Institute performs research in optics and photonics and explores new concepts in nano-optics, non-linear optics, optoelectronics, etc.

Traitements de surfaces

FEMTO-ST, UTINAM, LERMP, etc. enhance and extend the regional expertise in surface treatment. These 3 laboratories have taken advantage of their complementarities combining machining, shaping and surface treatments in the MIFHySTO platform of excellence. 



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