D-9 before the official opening of BIO INNOVATION

A biomedical research and engineering cluster in Besançon is offering Medtech and Biotech actors a new development center to facilitate proof of concept, promote the maturation of research and development projects and accelerate innovation in biopharmaceuticals and their production processes.

At TEMIS Santé, the BIO INNOVATION center is a one-stop shop for all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. This new Health Tech Center is a real hub towards which support systems, expertise, and scientific support will converge, and from which project leaders will have access to technological platforms, including those of the French Blood Establishment (EFS) recently labeled “Bioproduction Integrator” by the National Innovation Council.

BIO INNOVATION offers a unique place for the biotech and medtech community to promote their work and research, to connect and to network with experts in these fast-moving sectors which, to say the least, are strategic for France's sovereignty and health independence.

In fact, the French government has made Bioproduction a priority of the future investment program. In particular, along with integrators, it mobilizes the Strategic Committee for the Health Industries and Technologies Sector (CSF-ITS) and the competitiveness clusters in the field, including the Microtechnology Cluster (PMT).

Regional stop for the French Bioproduction Tour on March 31

The ITS Industry Strategic Committee and the competitiveness clusters, including the Microtechnology Cluster (PMT) have been organizing the French Bioproduction Tour since last December, a tour of France in the field of bioproduction highlighting the strengths and specificities of the regions in this field. Conducted in a virtual format, this tour will take place in the region on March 31. This event will be an opportunity to promote the particular dynamics of BIO INNOVATION in Besançon.

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Learn more on BIO INNOVATION: https://www.temis.org/le-lieu-ou-lon-innove-pour-la-sante.html